The Impact of Thought.

What if you were to discover that everything you thought you knew about your world isn’t quite the truth.  What if I told you your experience can only come to you from thought. Your feelings are a reflection of your thinking. Not a reflection of your consequences..

When you begin to look in the direction of the truth of how you create experience, your experiences can change beyond recognition.

Different kinds of thinking

The first kind of thinking comes from conditioned thought and is that constant stream of internal self talk, most us has it. The second kind of thinking comes from fresh thinking. From insight. By tapping into your own innate wisdom; lightbulb moments and we’ve all had those.

Having more of those lightbulb moments

By allowing thoughts of conditioned thinking to settle, we create a space where fresh thinking can land. When your mind is quiet, when you relax into the stillness of the moment, you are a conduit for your innate wisdom. Fresh thinking will find you, all you have to do is to be still.


There is nothing to do

Quiet is the default sate of your mind, there is nothing to do to achieve that. It is possible to be in a meditative state most of the time. There are so many myths around meditation, no wonder many give up. All you have to do is to allow your thoughts to be there, just don’t get involved in them. When you inevitably have times when you become involved with your thoughts, just realise what’s happened and allow yourself to return to your natural, quiet, default state.

When you see thoughts are random and are in a constant state of flux, you’ll begin to realise the nature of the truth of experience. You’ll begin to see past the illusory nature of what we call reality. You can live in the present moment and live in the beautiful feelings of your natural default state.

Your natural default state is one of health and wellbeing

An amazing benefit of allowing conditioned thinking to settle is that your body creates a state of balance and wellbeing. It can repair itself fully. Conditioned thinking causes stress and anxiety and a toxic environment within you. This often leads to physical tension, pain, illness and disease.

The quietness of the present moment means that you can experience happiness and joy which were always yours to begin with and is always there. Just like the sun is always there, even when you can’t see it.

Show up differently in the world

From this place of stillness you’ll experience the joy of the present moment and others around you will perceive and feel it too. It’s amazing how much more smoothly your life is when you live it in the centred state of presence.

You may know or have met someone who has something about them which you can’t quite define or explain. Someone who exudes a natural calmness and peace. They seem radiant in some way and when you’re with them you can feel their peacefulness. We all have that capacity because it is our natural default state. Our natural state of being.

Be one of those people. One of those people who show up differently in the world. You have nothing to lose and you won’t believe how much more alive you’ll feel. You won’t believe how easily things can fall into place.

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