Being Your Amazing Authentic Self.

Today’s blog is about the authentic self. Being true to yourself. Being who you really are. It’s easier than you think and powerful beyond belief.

First, I’d like to talk about personality and how this is only the sense of who you think you are. You establish this from years of conditioning and identification with form.

Making sense of the world

When you begin to make sense of the world, there is too much information to take in. You don’t have the means to make sense of this complex new world you’ve found yourself in. So you attempt to come to terms with it by engaging and developing various strategies. You build your world along with theories and beliefs of how you think it works. These allow you to come to terms with the world and enable you to navigate with a sense of relative safety.

You are smarter than you think, and through adaptation, you develop the means to build a life for yourself.

So far, so good? Unfortunately, life can often feel like an unnecessarily rocky road, and in developing the way you do, your journey through life can feel arduous, overwhelming and unsatisfying.

Your answers are closer than you think

I know and speak to many people who are dissatisfied with life in general and feel stuck in a rut. People will often ask me what the answer is. My answer is always; it is more important to know where the answer is. The answer, which is right for you, always comes from inside you.

You don’t need fixing

One approach is to fix all you think is wrong with you and attempt to take apart the strategies you have developed and replace them with new ones. Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis will often use this approach. But that’s not necessary. Once you begin to see how the world really works, beyond your subjective view, you can tap into your inner wisdom and become who you were truly meant to be.

The gift of thought

Through the gifts of mind, consciousness, and thought, you can realise thought creates your world. To accept that conditioned thought is responsible for how your world is, is a useful first step to changing. All we have to do is let them pass without allowing ourselves to become caught up in them. You’re then in a position for fresh thoughts to arrive and they will, once you allow your mind to settle.

Through the gift of fresh thought, you can tap into the intelligence behind all life, mind. Once you begin to have insights, these update your operating system. We don’t even have to remember insights. Our own answers always find us.

Meeting yourself for the first time

When you realise that you only really see the world as you are, you can begin to see things differently. Our old strategies and beliefs become redundant and start to fall away. We cease making new strategies. When this happens, you can understand there is you, the authentic self. Behind the mask of how you’d like to think you’d want the world to see you. Some say it is like meeting themselves for the first time.

I used to think there was something wrong with me or I was broken in some way. I assumed I was the only one who thought like that. How wrong that was.

I believe people who are achieving amazing things are those people who can get out of their own way. And they do this by allowing themselves to become still and tap into their own innate wisdom. The great news is that no-one has a monopoly on this. We all have the potential to access it in the same way.

An experiment for readers at home

As an experiment, I’d like you to set a gentle intention to allow your inner chatter to settle. When thoughts arrive, just see that those thoughts are not you. You are the one who is aware of them, the witness. When you become involved with them, allow yourself to let them go. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It gets easier by allowing. Some things can seem harder to let go than others, but perseverance is your best friend.

At first, you’ll get small gaps in your thinking, and as you keep allowing, these will become longer. Be grateful for these and keep allowing and you’ll get a sense that your mind is becoming quieter.

Become who you always were

The great thing about being in this state is, you are in a place of peace and are more able to respond in the best possible way to life events.

Another fabulous thing about this is that you show the world who you really are. You’ll ooze natural charisma. You’ll laugh freely and see your world in a whole new way.

You’ll feel relaxed with a genuine sense of joy. You’ll be present in the moment. You’ll be able to enjoy each moment and take the challenges of life in your stride.

Please don’t take my word for it. Give it a go. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this. It’s a game-changer.

I’d love to hear some feedback from you. Please feel free to contact me or leave your comments below.

Take care

Best wishes, Kevin