Mystics have spoken about the power of living in the present moment for centuries and with good reason. People often talk about mindfulness or being mindful, which is another way of describing living in the present moment. There are plenty of strategies, techniques and self-help books which promise to be able to show you what you need to do to be present in the moment. You might be surprised that our default state is one of stillness and peace. There is nothing to do; it’s not about doing.

The Power of Now

I began to discover the power of living in the present moment about ten years ago when someone recommended that I read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. While this whet my appetite for living a peaceful life free from stress and anxiety, it wasn’t until I came across The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neil a couple of years later that I really got it.

Living from the inside-out understanding

When I realised and had an embodied understanding of the inside-out approach, my experience of life changed beyond all recognition. Once I realised one hundred percent of my experience came from thought taking form in the moment, my experience changed. To know that I live in the feeling of my thinking is priceless and has a massive impact for myself and others around me.

Free from stress and anxiety

Living a life in the present moment, free from stress and worry is our default state. Through conditioning, we learn to think the way we do, which leads to a life of angst, turmoil and stress. From a conditioned mind, we develop a persona or idea of who we think we are. In the now, we are free to be our authentic selves. Imagine living your life from the position of who you really are.

Living with purpose and on purpose

Living life on purpose, in the present, allowing my true self to shine through has inspired me to share this understanding with others. As I continue to look in the direction of the truth of how experience is created, I realise the importance of going through life as a free-thinker. You can begin to see for yourself the importance of living life from the inside-out understanding. And through seeing this truth for yourself, your life experience can only change. Be the best you can be.