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Mental health is a subject that has been a focal point for sometime now. There are so many health issues which stem from mental health related issues. As awareness grows are we actually achieving greater mental health? I suppose that would be a difficult thing to measure.

Awareness is a great starting point. But, what next?

Because we spend so much of our time in automatic pilot mode, it’s almost like we’re asleep to what is really going on in the moment. In automatic pilot mode, there are unconscious routines which provide us with the means to get through our day without too much thought. Driving is a great example of this. Some of these routines are more useful than others and we have been allowing them to run unchecked, sometimes, from childhood.

Automatic routines often prevent progression.

As children we create strategies to cope with the things we don’t know about in our world. We just make things up to attempt to feel comfortable. And that is all very well and means we can cope with a world which may look and feel daunting at times. When strategies become the routine programs we run unconsciously most of the time, this is when we can run into problems.

Who is really in charge?

We spend about 95% of our time caught up in the unconscious world of automatic pilot mode, so the creative conscious part of our mind only gets to be active 5% of the time. Why is this important? Well, it means we don’t get the opportunity to be conscious and in the moment much of time. This means that many of our outdated automatic routines don’t get updated. We miss the opportunity to grow.

Is where you are, where you really want to be?

There is a growing interest in being in the moment as a means to experience greater inner peace and to quieten the constant internal chatter. Often this chatter serves to reinforce the the stuck position many of us find ourselves in. So where you are right now, is a product of that 95% of your time being spent in unconscious mode.

What is the answer?

Being conscious more of the time. And therein lies the challenge. How do you quieten the mind to have a better experience of life?

Most people who attempt to quieten the mind end up in a world of frustration and end up giving up.

Discover your hidden depths.

I’m here to support and to guide you. To share ideas and understandings. To show you that you already have everything you need to be happy, healthy and successful in life.

You see, we all have an enormous potential; it’s just that from time to time we forget. If you choose to work with me, I’ll gently jog your memory. So that you can begin to remember the value of your true nature. In true nature lies the essence of who you really are. In exploring that your true nature you’ll find more and more of your own answers to living the life you’d really like to experience.

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